Project Detail

Woodgreen Leisure Centre

Banbury, UK


22.5 tonnes of annual CO2 savings
Generates up to 122,475 kWh of thermal energy per year
Protects the client from volatile energy markets and rising gas prices


Based in the heart of Banbury, UK, the leisure center offers an Olympic sized outdoor swimming pool. In addition, the leisure center offers a multitude of physical activities suitable for all ages. Combined, the thermal demand for heating the swimming pool, providing hot shower facilities as well as space heat for the entire leisure center led the Cherwell District Council to investigate alternatives to natural gas to meet energy demand.

Naked Energy advised the client to use VirtuHOT HD collector as it is well suited for pitched roofs due to its flexibility to tilt absorbers towards the sun, giving optimum performance on any roof installation.

495 VirtuHOT HD thermal collectors heat up the water of the swimming pool to an average of 80°F all year around.

The collectors are mounted on four different roofs, one angled roof and three flat roofs, covering a total of 3,000 square feet and have been operating since July 2022. The versatility of VirtuHOT HD allows to align the absorber angles parallel to the sloped roof to maximize the energy generated. While for the flat roof areas, the absorber angle is at 35° to maximize the output.


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